Tanya Goodman Bailey ARTIST

Before becoming a painter in my late 40's, I was a yoga teacher and craniosacral therapist. I still give treatments and classes to those I love, but painting is my main (pre-)occupation. It's good to do hands on work with both people and canvas. Bringing the principles of healing into my paintings is a long term goal.

When not painting or giving biodynamic craniosacral treatments, I visit galleries, walk my neighbour's schnoodle and pretend I cook like a tv chef.

I took up painting 6 years ago as I found it the perfect way to recover after a bout of illness. Painting takes pain away. It is a form of appreciation in action. Simply put: being in a state of appreciation can not co-exist with being in a state of pain.

What is so great about a unique painting is the decades of pleasure or comfort it brings. We never gaze at the same painting twice as while it may remain stable, we are changing in how and what we are appreciating.

Whilst painting, my aim is to create the opportunity to rest the mind and encourage a state of calmness or expansion.

Last year I completed 3 years at the Essential School of Painting, an independent art school in Wood Green, exhibiting twice with their end of year shows at the Art Pavilion and also in their online gallery.

for my craniosacral website, visit https://www.craniosacralwithtanya.com/