Tanya Goodman Bailey


Contemporary modern painting

Hi, I'm Tanya, a painter from North London.

I like to build colour into paintings that feel like a nostalgic hug. I see what can be appreciated and transformed from family photos, a fond experience or future memories.  Artwork produced can be cherished and enjoyed either through the story you attach to it or the simple pleasure of bathing in their colours.

People like my work see it as distinctive, insightful and with a certain charm. 

The Essential School of Painting

Virtual Gallery

Two painters showing end of year work

with Tanya Goodman Bailey and Deborah Burnstone

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Small paintings on canvas and glass photo frames
Young girl, Jamaica, Bridesmaid, pink dress Lover, Gift, Beach, Love, Happy couple, Portrait


Work for sale now and past collections

Referring back to past work can help commission an artwork. 

Discuss a painting in your preferred style: magical realism, pure abstract or figurative landscape. 

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Home Studio in Alexandra Palace, London



Studio by appointment only.