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Monty and Lola in Love

From an Edinburgh dog walk scene. Monty the dog on the right is being chased by young Lola. 

This painting has been described as comforting and calming. It also brings you the mischief and joy of puppy love! 

oil on canvas height 100cm x  width 100cm and depth 2 cm 


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The setting is of retreat and a coming together. The pool indicates the refreshment we feel diving into other people's worlds when stories are shared. The elements of air, water and earth are here, with fire represented by the spirit of the storyteller. His shirt is an ethereal blue...a man in tune with that which is eternal. 

oil on canvas  width 130cm x height 120cm x depth 2.5cm       


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This is a painting of connection, celebration, enduring friendship and brotherly love. It creates an inviting, vibrant and joyful space. It was painted with the thrill and anticipation of keeping a surprise reunion a secret. 

acrylic on canvas width 120cm x height 110cm x depth 3cm 


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Depicting the events that happened at Clapham Common bandstand in March 21 during a vigil for Sarah Everard. Painted in tribute to the vulnerability and metal of women. 

oil on linen   height 61cm  x width 76cm x  depth1.5 cm    


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