Tanya Goodman Bailey
For Sale
Indoors and Outdoors 

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new paintings coming soon 

Indoors is painted at

the Essential School of Painting.

Outdoors is painted

from the home studio in Alexandra Palace. 


Acrylic on Canvas 

40cm by 60cm  / 23.5 x 15.5inch

£150 sold


Oil on Canvas 

45cm by 61cm  / 17.5 x 24inch

£159 sold


You are welcome to make an enquiry by call or email.
  • Each painting comes with a Certificate of  Authentication. 

  • Free shipping within the UK. 

  • Returns are within 30 days of purchase,  in condition it arrived and you pay for postage. 

TGB Signature is on the back. You are welcome to request it on the front.